Fish Sourcing Policy

It is our policy to source the majority of our fresh fish locally and sustainably.

We are registered as First Buyers, meaning Chapman’s is allowed to buy direct from fishing boats. Our vans end their delivery runs at the coast, where they collect local fish straight from the nets to be used for the next day’s delivery -├é┬ádramatically reducing food miles when compared to a centralised delivery structure.

Daily collections mean we are intimately involved with the local fishing community on the Kent and Sussex coasts and actively support them by paying fair prices promptly. These relationships mean we have at our disposal an intimate understanding of seasonal runs, and up to the minute awareness of quota allocations.

With our focus on using responsible sourcing as much as we can, our clients can trust that we value fish enough to ensure it is here to stay. All our catches are traceable to port and even to the individual named boats. In instances where items are not available locally, yet in a lot of demand from customers, we will occasionally buy fish from the markets. However in those cases, we still endeavour to use only reputable sellers.

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Our sales team is on hand until 3pm Monday to Saturday for up to date information about the fresh fish markets.

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